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Dream Energy Week 25

Published on June 15, 2019 at 9:59 PM

It is now time to start over, you have recently worked hard (heart) on your dreams, wishes, creative plans and so on. Making it now time to take the next steps. The new beginning is imminent, which means that your project, your wish, your dream is in its infancy and is ready for further development. Keep putting love, warmth, attention, time, study, diligence into what you want and you will see it become tangible.

This week you experience as a confirmation, becoming aware of the fact that you are on the right track, that the choices you have made have not been for nothing in the past. That old unhealthy patterns are now slowly crumbling and that you see completely new opportunities, possibilities, ways.


Let it flow like a butterfly just born out of the cocoon - and spread your wings toward the unknown. Let yourself be surprised this week by what comes to you, that which crosses your path and that you encounter along the way.

So some things are still in their infancy, you leave the shadow behind, the old just maybe behind you !. Know that it is a new start that will make you flow to a completely new road. It may also be that you are already on the right track but have recently gained new insights that give your life a new energy flow. Know that every situation has ebb and flow and at the moment you are overflowing with energy that is only too happy to support. Know that every moment has a beginning and an end and that you have just started right now regardless of where you stand in life and / or the situation you are in. 

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