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Dream Energy Week 26

Published on June 23, 2019 at 11:45 AM

Patterns and breaking free of habits pass you by this week. You are challenged to take a closer look at old, ingrained thoughts and habits. You can let go of the regular things this week, allowing you to find a renewed "freedom" 

A new path will only appear if you let go of unhealthy or stuck expectations, activities step by step. Patterns form an (unconscious / conscious) blockade to advance in your life.

The new things, wishes do not come your way because it simply cannot manifest away because it is still filled with old ways of thinking and patterns. Changing old unhealthy "habits" is one of the hardest things in life to change - because it feels so familiar, because it has been like that for years, and / or because it is safe. 


You can see it that way, fixed unhealthy patterns are not just the big things, but especially the small things. For example, if you pick up your phone as a regular routine every morning to check social media and then start having breakfast ... That is how you block the flow of new energy and new opportunities. If you are able to release both the large and small solid patterns, habits this week, you will experience a freedom, new energy and new flow that will take you much further.

Of course it can also be this week that you discover unhealthy habits and patterns in relationships, activities and / or daily routine. Then take the time to think about this, meditate and so on.
 Ask yourself this week why you do it that way. The Why question is an important theme this week .... Research it and find a new me, new freedom and a new energy. First of all put on your jacket and then your shoes. Go to work by public transport instead of by car. Move your furniture, exchange your workplace with your colleague and so on. Check it out this week with an open mind and innovative "let the fresh wind blow.
Ask other people for help if you can't "There are many like-minded people", Or similar experiences that can help you. 

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