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Dream Energy Week 27

Published on June 29, 2019 at 9:07 PM

Get started, start today with what you have always wanted to do can be anything from large to small. I know that it is difficult to believe in your dreams, wishes and ideas if no one in your area believes in them and / or that you feel that you get opposition.
The more obstacles you experience the better it goes, be the first to inspire yourself !. Your soul light shines and inspires itself. Then other people join. Let your light shine on your path, the rest will come naturally.

Start today, don't start tomorrow. You will be challenged this week to take immediate action on your wishes, dreams, desires.

Sometimes we think too much about the word "But", But I have not learned enough, but I do not have the correct knowledge yet, but I do not know if I am the right person to ..... 

You postpone it and you limit yourself to growth and development. You were born with a talent, gift and you have to tap, learn and develop that. That is precisely a slow and peaceful process. Take the time and chance to be successful in the area of ​​your heart's desire.


The dream energy this week gives you the opportunity to both learn and take action. It is possible that what you learn, share and undertake will only become visible, tangible, successful and recognized in a few years' time. But that does not matter! The learning process is beautiful and unique and especially for yourself.
Small lights eventually become large lights that shine ... We all start at zero. We are not born with all the knowledge of the world - it comes from practice, making mistakes, trying, learning, studying, and trial and error. It may be that you have already started working on your dreams, wishes, ideas, etc., so let this week be an inspiration to gain new knowledge, deepen yourself, and continue on the chosen path.

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