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Dream Energy Week 29

Published on July 14, 2019 at 3:15 PM

First finish your current affairs, project, wish before you start something new, Being Impulsive is high on your list of things you want this week "focus on A first and then on B". This week you will be challenged to let your wishes, dreams, desires, feelings, "the road" that you have been taken for what it is. It is great to always listen to your heart, your source, your basis and to act from this great feeling.

But there are also times when you can also connect yourself with logic, focus and simple steps that are not connected with your heart's desire. Sometimes we just have to accept and do things before transformation and new energy can arise. Ask yourself, do I have sufficient knowledge, money, time, wisdom, power, skills or do I just not have enough in-house to bring the project, wish, dream to a success?
You may want to buy new shoes, but you don't actually have the money to buy them because you need the money for a more important purpose! Focus, be realistic, not impulsive and just wait and the money and resources will come naturally.


Small steps are the right start, but this week small new steps can cause disruption. Stay current with what you have right now. Be at peace with everything that is present in your life right now. The future and the transformation can only come to you if you give it time to develop, flow, all noses are moving in the right direction and that really takes time.

You don't have to make a pass this week, but first handle everything, complete it, finish it, and then focus on the new unknown so that your transformation, dreams can really start. As a hypersensitive (new time) person, acting from your heart, feeling, your basis, this is a great challenge because everything flows from feeling and not from logic; but it is the combination that is very important at the moment. 

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