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Dream Energy Week 30

Published on July 21, 2019 at 7:00 AM

This is a week in which your emotions and feelings are touched, let go and let it flow just like water flows over the earth. Water removes everything, flows through every crack, crack, uncertainty, stress and emotion. Let this week heal and heal the situation without worrying about what will ever come. 

This week's energy reflects the spiritual path that lies between one life point in life and the next life point. It reflects the inner journey you have to take to go ashore and gain successful projects, wishes and life experience. The transition between feet on the ground and new unknown things are coming this week.

Experience this week the special moment of the release of the soul, the source, the base and the release of all boundaries. The more water there is, the more feelings that come to a certain point in your life and / or the situation are let go. 


In addition, this week is an ebb and flow moment! Ask yourself which of the two forms I am currently in. Is it low tide or is it flood - can I harvest or do I have to wait a little and plant the seeds first. With a clean and pure energy you can start something new, energy that is built on old land has no golden basis for success in the longer term. Drink enough this week, go swimming, shower and / or bath. Let the water clean and clean the situation, your dreams, wishes. 

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