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Dream Energy Week 31

Published on July 28, 2019 at 7:00 AM

Communication, talking, laughing and finding solutions are waiting for you this week. It is a week in which you have to spar with your colleagues, team enjoyed and like-minded. Through communication with a smile, pleasure you get further than before.

Solutions sometimes seem closer when you share dissatisfaction, problems, experiences, emotions, feelings, obstacles and pleasure with others.  

You don't have to carry the entire world on your shoulders - a shared problem only weighs half; So what are you waiting for?. It is now the right time to be honest with yourself and everyone involved.

Laugh about it, cry about it, share it and the solution, possibility, opportunity appears like a smile out of the blue. Don't take everything seriously this week. Give it a chance knowing that you can always refine, change and adjust when needed.

Communicating does not only have to be talking, you can also think of writing a diary, or writing letters to your guides, helpers, supporters and / or with whom you are connected. Communicating through images, pictures, painting with a bit of humor is another great opportunity to try this week and you will see that solutions come to you in a special way.

Talk to your pets if communicating with people is an obstacle - talk to yourself; tell yourself what is going on and / or what you are up to, but do it with pleasure and humor. You will be amazed how brilliant animals are and / or how smart you are.

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