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Dream Energy Week 32

Published on August 4, 2019 at 7:00 AM

Commitment to what you find important, this can be anything! .. Commitment to your dreams, desires, feelings, emotions, your body, spiritual growth, helping people including yourself and your personal development. But also persevering on the chosen path while your environment might react disapprovingly.

Helping and supporting other people - volunteering - helping without getting anything in return. Do everything this week from your source, your base, your soul, your intuition and do it with dedication. It is not half work this week, it is all or nothing and finish what you started.


Follow your heart, your love attracts that which is important, go for it 100% and do not stop. Projects and wishes only come to full fruition if you are also willing to pay the price that comes with it. Plant seeds, care for and only then harvest.


Visualize, manifest, meditate your dreams, wishes and see the end result. Get started with it and do not stop before you reach it and that means that you should not stop if it does not flow or goes wrong for a while !. First you have to climb the mountain to reach the top before you can take the next step.

Dedication to yourself, your dreams, your wishes knowing that everything becomes visible at the right time, that it becomes clear what steps you can take and so on. You are on the right track, at the right moment the only thing you have to do now is continue on the chosen path - no more stopping, no more looking back. Throw the fear of the unknown overboard and continue without knowing what is behind the horizon.

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