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Dream Energy Week 34

Published on August 18, 2019 at 7:00 AM

you enter the process of going to be "Becoming", that which you have to be. Where you have to go in your life. You let go of old patterns and you choose the path that suits you best at the moment.  
You have all the certainty, potential, possibilities, knowledge, wisdom at home and / or researched. Now it is up to you to do something with this.

Every little step you take is a big leap towards the process of going to be "Becoming". It does not matter what your past has been, what mistakes you have made, the seeds have been planted and all you have to do now is harvest.

Stay in the flow, the energy that is present with you at this moment and continue without looking back, thinking back to the past.


Don't let anyone distract you, limit you, stop this kind of energy towards what you may become. Are you ready for the next adventure? .. You have the certainty, potential for the next step; what are you waiting for - provided you let it flow so don't pull, keep the strings in your hands.

This week there is no time for checking and paying too much attention to details. All the mistakes you've made so far were for a reason, every day you go a little further ahead. This week you feel the Becoming energy flowing, that does not mean that you are already there and that you don't have to do anything anymore! .. Keep dreaming, keep working on it every day you become more and more yourself.  

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