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Dream Energy Week 38

Published on September 15, 2019 at 7:00 AM

Leadership and wisdom are central this week and you are both challenged and confirmed that you can continue on the chosen path. This week reflects different possibilities you can think of your own strength, leadership, standing up for what you believe in, your gifts and your uniqueness and so on.

But you can also think of someone who guides you, the employer, authority and wisdom through learning and studying. Breaking old patterns that have to do with authority, leadership and / or strength.


It can be very good this week that you are biased about something, someone, situation, and that you have to let go, reconsider, and reassess. It may also be that your feeling was negative, but it is still experienced as positive. In addition, it is a week in which you can really listen to yourself, your strength, your gifts and your own wisdom because you are smarter and more important than you think.
Taking responsibility in every situation, error is just as good that some things are just right and / or that is good as well !. It may sound strange but leadership is also letting go and surrendering to experts and the universe and / or that with which you are connected.  

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