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Dream friend

Published on August 13, 2019 at 7:00 AM

Get in!! Together on an adventure towards the unknown new. A dream friend is a projection of (character) traits that your child needs, missing, exciting and a reflection of daily life. In addition, the dream friend is the protector, guide, helper and so on.
The adventures are therefore experienced together with the dream friend. Often a dream friend possesses more characteristics, memories, fears, etc. of multiple situations or experiences from waking life and / or a past life.


I am not talking about the phenomenon imaginary friend who is present in the waking life of many young children !. However, this is very often connected to each other. It is, as it were, the same, it has the same background, basis and cause; the first steps towards responsible, bigger growth, independence, fantasy and the real world and so on.


But dream friends are only present in childhood dreams, so I only describe this in this blog. If you want to know more about the phenomenon of imaginary friends, consult a pediatrician, specialist, etc.! 

Children can have a dream friend from about 3 years old (with some exceptions) it is more than normal to have a dream friend, usually it will pass and disappear automatically. For many people it comes after realizing that during your dreams, visions, etc., you also receive spiritual guidance from a dream teacher or dream master.
    Dream friends are a reflection of waking life characteristics and / or everyday things that are projected onto hugs, brothers, sisters, children, people, deceased lovers, past lives, animals, unicorns and mermaids and / or fantasy objects "everything is possible and possible in all colors, shapes and sizes ". It is a way to discover and develop yourself - to learn who can be trusted and who is not. Processing a past life, birth pain or trauma, karma are also part of the dream boyfriends connection.

How do you deal with it as a parent, guardian, educator? ...

  Talk about it, "Make it negotiable," take it seriously, but don't make it bigger than it is !. It is not strange, it is not strange and so on. So don't make it a Big Deal!
Tell your child that everyone dreams, including yourself; and how you experienced this in the past and / or how you experience it now.
Make a dream bullet journal together.
Doing yoga together, children using meditation, precious stones, minerals as protector.
Try to prevent and limit family stress as much as possible.
If dreaming with friends gets worse and / or it is very intensive then take steps towards a specialist !.

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