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The dream room

Published on October 24, 2019 at 7:00 AM

Every room in the house has a story that also applies to the bedroom and especially to a child !. The dream room is the start of a good night's sleep, every object is the mirror of the soul.

Making your child sleep better is easy !.

Tidy up the bedroom together and / or on !. Everything has a story for a child. It is part of the purity that you have lost as an adult. The doll in the corner is more than just a doll it can be a dream friend and / or a memory, projection of something that has taken place, birth pain and / or a memory of a past life and so on.
Determine together with your child which items belong to the story of his / her dreams, family energy and which do not. The items that no longer match or are not important can be released and / or given away. Space is created to purchase new things and / or to give old things a new life in his / her dream room.
Of course there are also things that can be reused, given to a brother, sister, neighbor child, nephew, niece.  

The power of creating a dream room together.

The new energy ensures that the bedroom can accept new dreams and process old dreams. The more space there is in the bedroom, the easier the energy and also the dreams can flow. For children, the shadow of a doll can cause nightmares and so on.

Dreamroom clean up tips

Remove everything hidden under the bed and give it another place, new life and discuss this with your child.
Give your child old (important) things a makeover, recycle, brighten it up and give it a prominent place in the bedroom.
Don't make it a big deal! make it fun.
Young children in particular are interested in history and old things about yourself, your parents, grandfather and grandmother, keep these things in consultation in the dream room.
Make sure the bed is free from the wall so that you can walk around the bed on both sides. The headboard may be against the wall, but your child's feet must be able to move freely.
Give your child his / her drawings, paintings, creative creations a place on the wall or in a basket and so on. The prevents messy energy, blockages to sleep and dream well. (this actually applies to all children's items that do not have a necessary function)
 If your child has been ill, the energy will no longer flow as well. Open the windows, clean blankets, vacuum clean, clean up and let the energy flow again. Also think about your child's wardrobe. 

A loving dream greeting
Marjan Klop Founder and Blogger

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