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Meet your animal dreams BFF

Published on October 29, 2019 at 7:00 AM

Animals and children are deeply connected with each other, through the dream world they are connected to their animal BFFs.
Each animal reflects a special trait that your child needs, likes, finds attractive, and / or reflects daily life. Animals are connected to the purity, childlike and playful way that children wear in their hearts. Animals reflect safety, dream friend, like-minded and memories of a possible past life and / or totem animal.

But does Marjan have an Animal Dream BFF? ..
Yes (with some exceptions)

As it were, children project the characteristics, experiences of their daily lessons on animals. Because animals are much closer to them than the human characteristics that they do not know (yet). With animals, they soon know how and what, what characteristics it possesses and / or what they trust and so on.
For example, you can think of the lion that is not only very impressive for a child with its mane and claws, but can also represent the function as strength, strong, protected, the leader of the pack (the family). Often this is a father personality and / or someone with one of the above mentioned characteristics. 

In addition, the lion has certain dream characteristics that your child needs in life and / or has a desire for the characteristics. Animals are safe, pure and honest and children are therefore deeply connected to the animals of their choice. You can see it as a dream friend who is always there.

Marjan can I help my child to meet his / her animal dream BFF (day) dreaming ?. Yes you can, and it's not difficult at all !.

In addition, animals poke through everything that is human. They only know love, purity and that children feel like no other. The deceased loved family members also often appear as an animal in the childhood dream with the exception of exceptions.
Animals often appear as Dreams BFF when your baby is sleeping to support and help to process all impressions and give them a place in the child's head.

The impact of animals in and around daily life while you sleep as a child knows amazing healing and supporting dream energy. That is why it is very important that you, as parents, guardians, dad, mom, grandma, helper, support your child with this and together embrace and support the animals BFF. 

Of course, not all dreams (nightmares) in which animals occur are fun because it is also much more intense than when you dream of adults about a lion, spider and so on. But this blog is not about nightmares, you want to know more about it than read my blog scary dreams

This blog is about the chosen animal BFF that attracts your child with protective properties and / or as a helper. 

Dreaming your animals to meet BFF is easy!

 Relax and seek silence with your child. It can be intensive and / or even awkward. Doing something together is exciting, opening yourself up for your child and connecting yourself towards meeting your child's dreams for her BFF is a challenge for both. But once you've taken the step and deepen it bit by bit the easier it goes.
 Take the time to be together, find a nice place !.

You can think of a tent of blankets, a high pile of pillows and / or in a tree house; let your imagination run free. The place reflects the heart, safety, home and animals BFF protection where you can open and share your soul. Bring a hug, a photo of your child's favorite animal, a pet that voluntarily offers himself or herself.

Computer, telephone, radio, TV, radio off; no distractions and especially no energy flowing from outside. Create an atmosphere together in which you both can fully relax. So make sure your agenda is free, no one comes home, no distractions from friends and / or brothers, sisters and so on.
Sit up straight with your feet on the floor (bare feet), back straight; this way you stay daydreaming active, aware and yet relaxed.

Start with a little fun exercise, meet your animal dream BFF and you can learn playfully while daydreaming. Tell your child something about your own favorite animal or animals and / or your memory of your animal dream Bff. Let your child tell from this point about his / her favorite animal and so on. For example a Kitten with long whiskers. After which you will see together what the kitten will undertake (fantasy)  

Take the time to see how long the kitten with long whiskers can sit still, can be petted? and so on ... And who knows, maybe your own animals meet Bff dreams (or recognize your Bff dreams) Then let it flow and develop. Every time you go a little further, after which you feel and strengthen deeper the Animals (day) dream Bff connection. 

Give yourself and your child a compliment when you're done with your daydream moment - feel the energy flowing again, the connection growing again, the inspiration coming again and so on.

By working together on this, your child will also gain more confidence in animals when it is sleeping, also reduce nightmares, scary animal experiences and so on. In addition, your connection will also become deeper and stronger than ever before. Of course you can also do dream yoga together, or daydream together to increase and strengthen the connection

A loving dream greeting
Marjan Klop founder and Blogger

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