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Sleep better with dream water

Published on November 8, 2019 at 7:00 AM

There is nothing better than playing in the water before going to sleep. Water does not only release the energy that is picked up by your child on a daily basis.
It also has a healing effect on the entire being of your child. Healing and cleansing that ensures that your child feels the sense of freedom, the womb of life and is recognized from previous lives and / or birth.

 Water has a great effect that can last up to 24 hours.

 The signals, visions, insights come as the water and the sea flows. Water not only helps your child to let go but also to develop the creative brain. The sea is not only the relaxing and soothing for a child but also the creative soul that stimulates all the senses the smell of sand, shells, water touch yourself and your child deep into the soul. 

When adults sleep, dream, vision, meditate, visualize, daydream you also much better if you connect yourself with water just like your child.


Your child dreams more peacefully, sleeps more peacefully, relaxer dreams through that the water has a deep effect on both the body and mind. It ensures that your child can experience deep and pure, can be himself and / or a previous life and birth pain, memories and traumas that are processed through water.

So let your child take a bath, play with water so that he can sleep, dream and process in a nice, quiet way. In addition, water also deepens, deepens and strengthens the deep connection between mother, father, educator, guardian.

Dream water mini meditation for children.  

Step 1 Collect together

Make an altar together with your child, collect together, pearls, coral, starfish and so on. You could also think of shell sand to reflect the atmosphere of the beach (let your child use his / her imagination). Incense or scented candles that touch the beach, the sea. Candles / tea lights in blue or white that reflect the water. Being creative together, bringing the sea to you. Consider, for example, pillows, a rug so that you can sit comfortably and that it is warm and cozy on the beach !.

Step 2 Splashing water

Showers, bathers let the water flow, let your child use his / her imagination and let it flow for relaxed. Let your child take control of this; determine the flow of water yourself.

Step 3 Connect together

Wet hair, dried, wearing the bathrobes you take the next step together. Dream water mini meditate on bare feet and flowing connecting energy that you can experience together. (You can also do this dream water mini meditation after swimming, for example.) Light the tea lights together and / or what you have come up with together, touch the shells, make the sand castle bigger and so on.

Step 4 Let it flow.

Sit back and relax on your beach spot. The place reflects the heart, security, home and dream water mini mediation where you can open and share your soul. (The water dream mini meditation does not have to last a few minutes is enough to experience the deep connection and so on let your child indicate when he wants to stop and / or go to bed)

Step 5 Talk together

Short talk about what your child has experienced during the dream water mini meditation, you can of course also share your own experience with your child if you want, but you don't have to. Writing in the Droom Bullet Journal is the next step that you do together.

Step 6

Good night and sleep well.

A loving dream greeting
Marjan Klop founder and Blogger

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