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Dreamlike holidays

Published on November 14, 2019 at 7:00 AM

The holidays are coming up again, your child (ren) are probably very enthusiastic and / or perhaps tense, which makes sleeping a challenge. It is not surprising that with so many stimuli and experiences as a child and as an adult you can sleep less well, are tired, and so on.

It is therefore time to pay attention to relaxing, discharging so that you can enjoy nice dream-like festive holidays.

The first step is don't make it a big deal - don't make the dream-elastic days bigger than they already are. Just know that your child sleeps less, is enthusiastic and receives a lot of incentives both from the immediate environment and from outside influence.

You don't have to think about the holidays with your child every day; but make it a recurring dream-like moment that, for example, takes place once a week or on a certain date that is important for your child.


Sleep better, dream better and wake up more calmly, fewer incentives in your child's life during the festive season.

 Because you connect with the family (warm and safe protective) energy, the stimuli are reduced, the energy flows better, and the bond between educator, parent and child is strengthened. In addition, you share together the experiences of the entire process that precedes growth and connection from the deepest core of your souls. 

Dreamy mini meditation exercise

Step 1 Collect the dream-like festive feeling! 

Candles / scented candles / tea lights in the personal party colors, let your child be inspired. Collect holiday memories together; collect things that are important to your child, that reflect the holidays and so on. You could also think of garlands, lights to reflect the atmosphere of warmth, family, affection, holidays.  

Step 2

Make a place where you can relax together, be together. Let it develop and give your child the lead. You can think of a cabin of blankets, an altar, a high pile of pillows and / or in a tree house; let your imagination run free. The place reflects the heart, safety, home and dream-like holiday protection where you can open your souls and where you can share everything.
Computer, telephone, radio, TV, radio off; no distractions and especially no energy flowing from outside. Create an atmosphere together in which you both can fully relax. So make sure your agenda is free, no one comes home, no distractions from friends and / or brothers, sisters and so on.  

Step 3

Light the tea lights together and / or what you have come up with together, burn the lights in the Christmas tree, put your shoe together, etc. You can fill it in yourself - it reflects your dream fantasy holiday energy and the connection you want to touch during the mini meditation .   

Step 4

Sit back and relax together at your dream-like festive holiday spot. The place reflects the heart, security, home and dream-like holidays mini mediation where you can open and share your soul. (The dream-like holiday mini meditation does not have to last a few minutes is enough to experience the deep connection, etc. let your child indicate when he wants to stop and / or go to bed)

Step 5

Talk briefly about what your child has experienced during the dream-like holiday mini meditation, of course you can also share your own experience with your child if you want, but you don't have to. Writing in the Droom Bullet Journal is the next step that you do together. 

Step 6

Good night and sleep well.

A loving dream greeting
Marjan Klop Founder and blogger


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