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Birth dream picture

Published on 9 July 2020 at 07:00

Dreams or visions about a birth, giving birth about new wishes, possibilities, the birth of opportunities and possibilities to undertake projects. So your dreams become realistic and perceptible, you have cherished the wishes, dreams and ideas for a long time and paid attention to them; now it is time to reap the benefits. Another explanation is that you experience an important physical change in your life. 


A dream or vision in which you like it means the birth of a new idea or a change in your life path. Another explanation is that a new horizon arises in your life, with resulting new things and possibilities. Another explanation is that this dream or vision tells that you experience fears for the new and unknown, but also the fear of having a baby and the mother feelings that go with it.

A birth that goes wrong in your dream or vision tells you that a project, wish, dream, relationship, challenge, possibility has come to an early end. The development of your plans, wishes, dreams or relationship has been brought to an abrupt end. It may be that the energy slips and that there are no more possibilities. This can be experienced both positively and negatively. 

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