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Cinderella dream picture

Published on 24 April 2020 at 09:00

A Dream or vision about Cinderella tells you that you are trying to live with (temporary) financial, inner, spiritual poverty and setback. You may experience the feeling that you are undervalued or not accepted.


Another explanation is that you have to work hard before a reward comes into your life, at least you feel like you have to work harder than your environment. It can also feel like you have to do a service or prove yourself worth something first, but remember that the beauty of life isn't just materialistic things. Another explanation is that there is a connection with life lessons from a previous life; a memory or fear, phobia and / or even the choice to live in poverty or with as little as possible.

Yet another explanation is that Cinderella represents the inner strength, the connection with nature, birds, animals and nature. You see possibilities that other people cannot see or experience and you can be off the beaten track in life.

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