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Clouds in de droom picture

Published on 20 April 2020 at 07:00

When you dream or have a vision of white clouds, this tells you about finding your inner peace and spiritual harmony in your life. Another explanation is that a problem in your life is solved. You get space and insights so that you can tackle new opportunities that you would like.

Yet another explanation is that clouds also represent the connection to the universe, spirit and / or that you are connected to. The soul colors, your source, your base, your heart and / or your guides, helpers, deceased loved ones and so on.


A dream or vision about gray or gloomy clouds tells you about depression or anger, fear and emotions that you cannot control. Another explanation is that your gaze can be clouded by not listening to your heart but to your mind.


Dreams and visions about the sky tells you about the search for help and support, peace and spiritual harmony in your life. Understanding, seeing the answers and becoming aware of the fact that there are possibilities, opportunities and so on. Another explanation is experiencing that your problems are solved and / or that you can write the life script.

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