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Canyon dream picture

Published on 18 April 2020 at 16:03

When you see a Canyon in your dream or vision it tells you about unconscious opinions and hidden feelings. Another explanation is experiencing emotions, feelings, doubts and relationships that you have not yet recognized. Yet another explanation is that the ravine represents nature, beauty, purity, the cycle of life, letting go of the past in a natural way, which you can experience to learn what is the right life path.


If you look into the depth of the Canyon in your dream or vision, this indicates setbacks that you have yet to overcome or have just left behind. Overcoming the deep mental and physical obstacles, problems, emotions and fate are necessary but not easy.


If you look over the Canyon and see the ground on the other side, it tells you about the obstacles that have been overcome, or whether you will overcome the problems with very large steps and with ease, you will experience little or no nuisance. Your view is very broad, and this offers many possibilities and new opportunities. 

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