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Concert dream picture

Published on 17 April 2020 at 15:26

Visions and dreams about a concert tell you about joy; you completely relax but it is also a question of recognition. creams and visions tell you something about being creative, excel at something, top performance living and living from the source, your soul purpose, life assignment and so on.


You project the artist, the audience, the stage onto yourself, you are the artist, the audience and even the environments at the same time. It is your own projection, your desires, your wishes, your dreams and also the criticisms, the limitations and / or what is holding you back.

Overcoming limitations, being able to express yourself completely, (creatively) and opening yourself to the outside world. Show your true collors, want to be the unicorn, uniqueness and so on. On the other hand, a concert also stands for loneliness, the long way to go, jealous behavior and perseverance. An alternative explanation is that you feel trapped in the crowd, you are a follower and have no ideas of your own, or are not allowed to give your opinion.


Shame and inability to deal with a situation in your life also applies to the dreamer or a person around you. But it also means taking risks in your life that will give you a lot of prosperity, perhaps even the unexpected. Participating in a concert is about creative expression, the past, the inner child, you relax and you can relax

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