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Sun dream picture

Published on 16 April 2020 at 15:11

Dreams and visions about the sun tell you about inner peace, enlightenment, happiness and calm. Another explanation is experiencing the right possibilities and insight into your life. Another explanation is, the radiant energy, strength and inner victory over your problems and obstacles.

The alternative explanation is to become aware of the fact that too much exposure to the sun is unhealthy, that you experience too much inner heat and that you therefore feel uncomfortable.


Dreams and visions about the rising of a sun tell you about the new opportunities, new life stages and new possibilities. Another explanation is that you have unexpectedly gained a new insight as if the sun has literally shone in your life. Yet another explanation is that the sunrise represents a part of yourself as if you are rising again, experiencing life energy and waking up from a negative period.

A dream or vision about the rising of a red sun tells you about the difficult overcoming of obstacles, problems and setbacks. The end of something you didn't see coming and is unexpectedly negative. Another explanation is that the cycle of life and the menstrual period of the woman is central. The death and rebirth of something in your life is also represented by the red sun.


Dreams and visions of the sunset tell you that the situation, the cycle of life and death that follows, will come to an end. Starting over in your life, overcoming problems, obstacles, inner turmoil and problems.


Visions or dreams about the solar eclipse tell you about the stagnation in your life, setback, you don't seem to have a good view of the situation. Another explanation is that there is no healthy life situation and that your feelings, desires and imagination take over.

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