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Sheep dream picture

Published on 13 April 2020 at 15:11

Dreams or visions about sheep tell you that there are possibilities for new opportunities, and the different options you can choose, you can make your own choices. The sheep also stands for loosening the herd and for helplessness.

A sheep tells you the provision of your basic needs, inner happiness, health and maybe you don't have to worry much financially. The sheep in a dream or vision also tells you about purity, insight and signals from afterlife, gods, goddesses, god, guides and so on.


Dreams or a vision about sheep shearing tell you that you can look forward to a period of prosperity, you can start harvesting after working long for a wish, dream, idea.

If the sheep don't look good or sick in your dream or vision, your well-thought-out plans may fail or fall into the water. You must always pay attention to your wishes, dreams and ideas. Another explanation is that you have not overcome the obstacles. Yet another explanation is that even though you have everything you want in your life, you still experience mental or emotional setbacks.


When you see a flock of sheep in your dream or vision, it tells you about progress that you mainly think about team building and cooperation. Another explanation is that you cannot get away from the herd around you, as if you were stuck to it. Yet another explanation is that things are going well for you, it is time to relax and trust that everything will be fine without any effort.

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