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Strawberry deam picture

Published on 12 April 2020 at 15:31

Strawberry dreams and visions tell you about sexual and sensual desires and the temptations you have experienced in your life. The strawberry tells you about the feminine energy with a little touch of masculinity. You can appreciate the feminine side more, love yourself, your inner beauty. Another explanation is that you experience progress, your wishes, dreams and ideas become reality.


Visions and dreams about eating strawberries predict fertile possibilities, especially in the field of love, so perhaps a new love, or a regained love in an existing relationship. Another explanation is about the inner balance between your masculine and feminine energy.


Pregnant women, or women who wish to have a child often dream about strawberries. Visions and dreams that you trade in strawberries means a fruitful and rich harvest, but also happiness and smooth cooperation.

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