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Money in de droom picture

Published on 6 April 2020 at 16:36

If you dream or see a vision of money or coins, this tells you that success, abundance, the flow of love and prosperity are within your reach. Another explanation is self-confidence, success or norms and values. You have a lot of faith in your own ability and life knowledge, attracting abundance, manifesting,

visualize, affirmation, manifest. Another explanation is that a dream about money or coins refers to your attitude to the love and issues of the heart. You can also think of the importance of having money, income, social obligation.


Getting money or coins in your dream or visions tells you to expect abundance in your life. You receive what suits you best for your situation to make your dreams come true. Abundance comes in many forms, time, possibilities, knowledge, love and self-love, learning and studying, opportunities, health and so on.

A spiritual explanation is (awareness of abundance) that money reflects the ego and the obligation to have it to be charged with it, social responsibility and so on.

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