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Staircase dream picture

Published on 5 April 2020 at 16:41

Dreams or a vision that you are on a staircase tells you about self-reflection, reflections of the life step, the stair step that you have to overcome in life and have to go through to learn things, so that you will end up on the right life path, a new life - and achieve social level.

Another explanation is experiencing happiness and a lot of joy in life. Dreams and visions about the stairs tell you the connection with your heart, your base, your source, your heart and your path of life; how you walk the stairs in your dream or vision tells a lot about the situation you are in and / or what you want in life. In addition, the stairs can reflect the connection with the universe, god, heaven and / or with which you have a connection.


When you fall down the stairs in your dream or vision, this tells you that you are experiencing setbacks, problems, obstacles that you are unable to overcome at the moment. You may feel that you have lost everything and that you have to take steps back in life.

Yet another explanation is that you have completely lost control in life and / or the situation you are in and through self-reflection you become aware of your current situation. Another explanation is that you may experience becoming conscious when it comes to starting to build from the source, castles are built from the shards of the past.

Slowly walking down a flight of stairs tells you that you are going down in life, back into old habits that you had left behind, or revise something, but also setbacks that you do not know or know how to overcome. You take a step back, so to speak, so that you can oversee and / or assess everything. Another explanation is that you consciously take a step back in life in order to make good decisions and achieve solutions.


Dreams and visions about the broken staircase tells you that you are looking for solutions and possibilities to get ahead in life. This can be done through reflection and projection on your true feelings, you can also think of listening to your source, your base, your heart and / or your life purpose, soul mission and so on.

Another explanation is that you are currently in a period of inventing, what do I want, who am I, what is the past and how to increase your confidence in your dreams, wishes, ideas and the future. Another explanation is the ability to think out of the box and determination, perseverance.


If you are dreaming and if you have a vision that the stairs fall apart when you insist or are not solid, this tells you that your wishes, plans or ideas are not yet successful, take a closer look. Another explanation is experiencing setbacks, obstacles, and problems to overcome. Do you accept the challenge, fit the place and look again. The stairs reflect yourself, your source, your base, your heart and how you can touch the connection with the higher purpose.

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