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Military dream picture

Published on 2 April 2020 at 16:45

If you dream or have a vision about the military, this tells you about the traits you lack to control your own pent-up anger, fear, problems or to express stress, pain, sadness.

Another explanation is that you feel that there is force and perhaps overwhelming power working against you in a situation, you feel pressured and struggle to cope with the situation. The army is a reflection or projection of the qualities that you possess, or that do not belong to your capabilities, but that you do need to overcome something. Another explanation is that the army represents safety and security. The protection from the spiritual point of view. But you can also think of victory over obstacles to life.


If you dream or have a vision of enlisting in the military, this tells you that you are looking for your inner strength or qualities that you do not possess but need to make something successful. Another explanation is to look for help and support in your obstacles to overcome, and emotions, feelings and doubts.

Yet another explanation is that you are aware of the desire to express your feelings, stress, pain, sadness, and pent-up anger. An alternative explanation is that you are looking for someone with the same qualities, or the perseverance that you have.


In addition, the army, soldier, war can also be a processing that has to do with serving in the army, etc., war trauma and (soul) experiences.

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