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Birdhouse dream picture

Published on 31 March 2020 at 16:48

bird nest dreams and visions tell you about the need for love, warmth, family, loved ones, parents and / or having a family. Another explanation is that you need to spread your wings and leave the safe, you project yourself on the nest and the bird. You are ready to go your own and unknown way in life.


An alternative explanation is that the nest represents openness of your heart and feelings, but you are aware that robbers and hijackers can wait. The litter reflects your heart, your base, how you are in life and / or what you want to have in your life or the situation you are in.


Building a nest or birdhouse tells you that you are building a new little base, new things, new situation that comes directly from your heart. The litter reflects your source, your base and so you are developing, building it yourself. You can also think of new energy, and especially find new opportunities, you have found your true heart and are now going to act on it so that a lot of prosperity can come into your life.

Another important explanation is that a bird's nest indicates the connection with trees, forest you can think of new hope, growth, desires, dreams and wishes, but also the possibilities in your life. It also tells you about strength and stability that you have longed for. Another explanation is that you are currently working on your personal development and inner wisdom.


Birdhouse in your dream or vision tells you about a small or spring project, the reflection of your true self, the heart, your own self, your mind and soul and your character traits. The birdhouse represents your heart and how you are in the situation you are in - how you feel, what you experience and how you profile yourself. You are, as it were, your own birdhouse, you mirror everything on the birdhouse and also how it is experienced.

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