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Teddy beer dream picture

Published on 22 March 2020 at 16:29

Dreams or vision about cuddly toys, a toy bear or a teddy bear tell about the longing for your childhood, the inner child wants to express itself. Another explanation is childish behavior to the past, but also the need to love and to feel an arm around you.

An addition to this is the longing for the past, your childhood full of innocence, no stress and obligations, no rules that make you feel stuffy. It can also mean that you have overcome the past. An alternative explanation is that your children's wishes come true, but also the chance of adoption.


Fantasy, dreams and wishes come true. (You are the teddy bear, toy bear, cuddly toy and the environment, the clothes and the way in which the teddy bear, toy bear, cuddly toy appears, etc.) A bear, cuddly toy reflects yourself, your inner and outer appearance and / or what you have not yet discovered of yourself, but would like to see, experience from your source.


If you have a teddy bear, cuddly toys or a toy bear in your dream, this tells about the longing for the past or a return to a previous situation. Another explanation is feeling lost, safety, comfort, camaraderie that you miss and are now trying to bring back. Yet another explanation is that you feel the need to be cared for, loved, mothered and accepted. An alternative explanation is a somewhat immature situation or relationship in which you are.

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