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Police officer dream picture

Published on 3 March 2020 at 16:29

When we dream or see a vision of a cop, the police tell you about your rights and obligations and how you can implement a plan in life. It also tells you that you have exceeded your own rights and obligations.

You have literally walked past your own limit and may therefore now be in doubts, difficulties, obstacles, emotions, feelings, negative situation and experiences. The police officer represents a part of yourself, as it were you reprimand yourself, you help yourself find the right path again - you support yourself and so on.


Dreams and Visions in which the police officer appears can be experienced both positively and negatively. You mirror yourself, you are the whole situation about which you dream or vision. The Agent, Police stands for your male strength and points you right and / or helps you towards good leadership, towards what you want in life.

Another explanation is that the agent, police will help you to bring you who you indicate to yourself and others. In the dream or vision, the agent, police will also give you instructions, what to do and / or what the next step in your life is. You are the agent, police in the dream or vision and you project everything that is important in your life or situation at the moment.

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