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Book dream picture

Published on 17 February 2020 at 16:29

When you see books in your dream or vision, this is about your calm, inner peace and balance between your male and female energy. Another explanation is to find knowledge, interests, intelligence, information and wisdom with regard to the past and present, or perhaps to glimpse the as yet unknown future.

Another explanation is that books want to make you aware that education or following a course is a good next step in your life, or that writing or reading books is part of your life purpose. Each book has a reference or meaning to a specific area of ​​knowledge where your interests lie. 


A dream or vision about a bookcase tells you that you want to gain knowledge, learn, study, use inner wisdom and knowledge to start something new, or to complete something, but above all you want to enjoy the learning process.


An empty bookcase in your dream or vision tells you that you currently do not have the knowledge, the insight or the strength to do something new. Another explanation is that you experience inner problems, setbacks, and obstacles.

When you dream or see a vision of a bookshelf, it tells something about the different levels of your life; each plank reflects your life lessons, obstacles, feelings, emotions and problems, as well as your ideas, possibilities, victories and memories. Another explanation is that you should get more information and look at all the options before making a decision about something.


Dreams in which you (feel) a book or bookcase, bookshelf, are about consciously projecting on yourself, you find the knowledge, wisdom, answers, within you. As it were, you really are part of the bigger picture that takes place within yourself. Your heart speaks and gives you an answer - you need more knowledge to get where you want or need to be.

Or you own everything you need, but you also have to give it a place in your life and allow it to be part of your life. An alternative explanation is that you are encouraged to teach, write a book, share your knowledge and / or teach like-minded people.

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