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Volcano dream picture

Published on 10 February 2020 at 17:10

A dream or vision about a volcano tells you about the reflection or projection of your inner anger, fear, aggression, emotions and problems. You can experience it as a peak or boiling point that must erupt. Letting go of the inner anger, fear, sadness, trauma and experiences.


Expressing the deepest true feelings goes from your source, your base your heart and so on. Another more alternative explanation is that you can experience heated discussions and opinions, which can also be inner discussions, doubts and inner conflicts. Listen to your true feeling to come to your deepest inner being, your source, your base, your heart. An alternative explanation is that you have experienced some selfishness and greed.

Dreams or visions in which a volcano erupts tells you that at this moment you are, as it were, overflowing with feelings, emotions, questions, fear, pain, sadness and that you are above all not in control.


If you dream or have a vision of lava or avalanche, this indicates that you have reached your personal high and low / boiling point. You can also think of expressing your inner anger, aggression, pain and sadness. An additional explanation is that it can come to an inner explosion so that you can let it go and process it.

An alternative explanation is that you have the feeling that you have to bleed deeply and profusely, to the bone and in your soul and that you are currently unable to act and / or process it properly. Burnout, depression stress and / or excessive obstacles in your life.

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