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Glasses dream picture

Published on 2 February 2020 at 16:29

Dreams or visions about glasses tell you that you do not have a clear view or view of the current situation. Another explanation is that you are consciously looking for answers in your life, you want to understand how or why. There may also be misunderstandings that you have misjudged and that you want to correct or consider.

Yet another explanation is that the glasses represent a piece of your identity, perhaps you have glasses in your waking life and / or you should have one. A spiritual explanation is that the glasses reflect a piece of protection from the higher, universe and / or that with which you are connected. Everything is more beautiful behind glass, isn't it? Looking through rose-colored glasses is an alternative explanation.  

A broken glass in your glasses tells you that you don't see things as they really are, have limited vision. Not having the right information and / or shorting yourself. You can also explain it when, things that have not been handled correctly have not received a clear and honest answer. Your investigations are hindered or limited. In addition, it can also be an experience related to no protection received. Inner damage you have incurred, becoming aware of the fact that you have not seen / experienced things correctly.

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