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Stork dream picture

Published on 11 January 2020 at 16:29

Dreams or visions of seeing a stork tell you about changes, relocations. The birth of new projects, twin souls, soul flames, true love, pregnancies, new opportunities and family. Actually, the stork tells you nothing but that positive changes and opportunities are coming your way.

The stork is stable, hold its ground and stays where it lands, this message is therefore very important in the dream and vision explanation.


Stand firm and stick to your own dream, wish and idea! The stork is in connection with the higher energy, the universe and the higher purpose in your life; you can also think of spiritual growth and development and seeing or experiencing signals. 

Dreams or visions about a stork's nest tell you about expansion in your family, mother and father feelings are answered, but also pay attention to your family. Another explanation is that you are a person who works with children or is good with children and families.


If the stork has already passed you in a dream or vision, it tells you about missed opportunities, awareness of your opportunities and dreams that have passed you by; maybe you are too late to follow your dreams and wishes.


Dreams or visions in which the stork died tell you about the end of a possibility, but also difficulties in your environment, family, and about mental problems. Another explanation is that you no longer put energy into a project and therefore consciously put an end to old ties that may relate to family or relatives.

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