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Passport dream picture

Published on 8 January 2020 at 16:29

Dreams and visions about an ID or your passport tell you that your identity is changing, that you are leaving the past behind and that you have to adapt to the time of life in both inner and outer appearance. . Another explanation concerns the question of how you are in life and how you think you will appear to other people.

Do you have a dream or vision about an ID or passport that you have lost or lost, it tells you that you don't know where you belong, who you really are, doubts; you have lost the value of life. Another explanation tells you that a marriage or cohabitation with a partner is imminent, and you may want to move to another place where you will feel well.

Dreams and visions of not being able to get to your passport tell you to be patient and investigate why. At the right time, everything will reveal and express itself, you are in a transformation period in your life.

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