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Shaving dream picture

Published on 22 December 2019 at 14:34

Dreams and visions about shaving your legs, armpits, head or vagina tell you that you are ashamed of your appearance. You try to remove something, make yourself more beautiful, pretend to be different and want to be better.

and other explanation is that you take the old problems off you, prepare for something new, a new responsibility, new beginning.


Yet another explanation is that shaving represents letting go, past life, exposing old wounds and looking again. The alternative is that you shave only for the outside world (ego world). 

Shaving in your dream or vision can also indicate an awareness that the problems are in your heart and not on the outside of your body. An alternative explanation is that you do not want to go with the trends of the present, you are your own personality, who stands for her own feelings and ideas, and cannot meet the requirements of the so-called average people. pay close attention to what you shave from this you can make out a lot to explain it.

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