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Bridge dream picture

Published on 11 December 2019 at 13:25

Dreams or visions about a bridge tell you about the transition period in your life. It is a time to achieve the ultimate goal. Another explanation is that you have the feeling of crossing the bridge and doing what you do not want to do for a while.

You have to bridge this period, but the result after this crossing will be desirable and provide new insights and results. The bridge reflected from A to B, the focus on the small steps forward in life and / or the situation you are in. In addition, the bridge is also neutral terrain, no man's land, the unknown, transformation and transition, transition between, the road to commommation.


A dream or vision in which you cross a bridge indicates choice and decisions, the road to commommation, walking the new path of life, making the inner crossing. It is the beginning of an important decision or even a memorable moment in your life. Another explanation is overcoming fears, old unhealthy patterns, past life experiences and / or trauma. For many people, it will be an experience of positive energy, prosperity and wealth with few exceptions.

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