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Christmas dream picture

Published on 7 December 2019 at 07:00

A dream or vision about Christmas tells you to find togetherness, inner happiness and balance, but also family, reunions and peace, generosity and human friendliness. Another explanation is a new beginning and a fresh start in life.


Another explanation is to see the spiritual, the light, enlightenment and connection from your deepest core and base. The vocation and / or life purpose, past life and / or assignments that are a challenge.

Another alternative explanation is that Christmas represents loneliness, burden on your shoulders and / or that which weighs heavily. Another alternative explanation is that Christmas reflects the closing of a period and brings new energy to a new situation.


Are you shopping for Christmas in your dream or vision then it tells about the need for light and warmth around you, the balance between your masculine and feminine energy. Another explanation is that you want to take a different direction in your life, and that is why you are collecting information that you can use to make the right choices. An alternative explanation is that around the holidays you can expect a windfall in love, time, feeling happy, wealth and your health. 

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