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Crying dream picture

Published on 22 November 2019 at 07:00

If you dream or have a vision that you cry, this indicates the awareness of an outburst of your feelings, problems that are probably caused by a situation that you cannot or hardly overcome. The outlet to balance your fears and frustrations, anger, feelings and emotions.


An alternative explanation is that you are aware of the feelings of yourself and / or your partner, loved one, family and friends. You may even try to carry these emotions into your life. Another explanation is that crying is a reflection of letting go of unhealthy problems and situations from this life and / or a previous life.

As an alternative explanation you can explain crying as being powerful, standing up for yourself, setting boundaries and allowing the new in your life. Experience inner healing and spiritual support from the deepest core of your being and / or with which you feel a connection.

In addition, crying stands for your pure, raw self, soul, source, your basis and / or if you want to show it to yourself and / or the outside world.

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