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Shoes dream picture

Published on 18 November 2019 at 07:00

Dreams or visions about shoes tell you about your life, shoes tell you about a solid foundation and with both feet on the ground. The type of shoe therefore tells you how this base is.


Dreams or visions in which you are not wearing shoes tell you about lack of confidence or losing identity; you are looking for who you are, or what you really want to achieve in your life, your life purpose or your destiny.

Dance shoes in your dream or vision tell you about creativity and indicate relaxation and a good solid foundation.

Heeled shoes in your dream or vision tell you about a less solid foundation, but you want to rise higher, you have to do something about it.

Boots in your dream or vision tell you about a good solid foundation and a lot of self-protection, or shielding in life.

Neat shoes in your dream or vision tell you that you can easily experience progress, wealth, happiness and wisdom.

Open shoes in your dream or vision therefore tell you about openness regarding the way in which you stand in life for a good foundation.

Slippers in your dream or vision do not really indicate a solid foundation, but rather openness, purity and spirituality in life.

Sports shoes in your dream or vision tell you to actively participate, you have to be productive if you want to achieve something in life, but it does give a good start.

Dreams or visions about changing shoes tell you that you change roles, and you now look at life differently, giving you new insights. Another explanation is that your adaptability is great, you always know how to adapt to the situation.

Visions or dreams about old or worn-out shoes tell you about persistence and hard work; maybe you will achieve success if you believe in yourself. Another explanation is that you are satisfied with who you are and / or with your financial or mental situation, even if it is not sufficient now. 

Dreams and visions in which you forget or leave your shoes, tell you to leave the limitations behind and tackle new opportunities. Another explanation is that you feel that you have forgotten something or left part of what you still need.

If you wear, or put on the wrong shoes in your dream or vision, it tells you that you are going to take a new direction in your life, which will give you many new opportunities. It is also possible that you are reconsidering goals and that you do not know whether you have chosen the right way of life.

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