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Teacher dream picture

Published on 7 November 2019 at 07:00

When you dream or have a vision that you are a master, teacher, coach, dean, teacher, inspirer, this tells you that you are aware of the life lessons, your knowledge, wisdom, but also your emotions, problems, obstacles that you have to overcome.


You project or mirror yourself on the master, inspirator and / or his properties. Another explanation is that you need support, help and insight to make better choices or to make decisions. Yet another explanation is that the master also points out the possibility of following education, a course or training or investing in yourself.    

A dream or vision in which you have a master, teacher, coach, dean, teacher, inspirator tells you that you need an education, course or training to develop yourself. Another explanation is that you need help and make yourself aware of your own powers and can project yourself through the master, inspirator and his qualities.

Another explanation is the need for a father figure or male personality that you know in life and help you. An alternative explanation is that you feel that you do not have sufficient knowledge or are inadequate and need help and support from a leader and inspirator.   

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