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Marriage dream picture

Published on 30 October 2019 at 07:00

Dreams or visions about marriage tell you about a new beginning, harmony and inner balance or a transition phase in your life and the inner marriage between your male and female energy. Perseverance, dedication, strength and the nurturing qualities and inner correspondences are in balance.


You are going through an important development in your life that will offer you many possibilities. Another explanation is that you project the qualities of the person you marry on marriage, you want to possess these qualities in order to achieve your goal or to grow as a person.

Yet another explanation is the balance between good and evil, positive and negative, finding and overcoming death and rebirth. An alternative explanation is the victory over regret, but also fear of commitment, separation anxiety and / or feelings that you could not place, but can now give a place.

Another alternative explanation is your personal attitude towards a connection between two people, you want to maintain your independence and your independence. An alternative explanation is the desire to find a twin soul, soul mate, like-minded, ultimate love. 

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