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Hedgehog dream picture

Published on 28 October 2019 at 07:00

When you dream or see a vision of a hedgehog tells about your pure intuition and your feminine energy flowing through the situation and / or your life. Another explanation is that you are a sensitive person and / or can be irritable for other people's emotions.


You tend to take everything personally, but it certainly also indicates the inability of a situation. Another explanation may be that you are preparing to take an inner journey in your life in the fall.

A journey that takes you step by step, a journey in which you have to be careful and keep your attention. Yet another explanation is that the hedgehog is a signal of becoming aware of the fact that your sensitivity or your hypersensitivity is a blessing; that you can work with this and help other people including yourself.

Another explanation is the need for self-preservation, self-love and attention for yourself and keeping other people and / or situations out. 

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