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Mud dream picture

Published on 19 October 2019 at 07:00

Mud, clay or mud in your dream and vision tells you about the basis of every situation, your life, it refers to the basic material of everything, consisting of water and earth and the need to return to the basis of everything.


Mud, clay, pressure represent the essence of life, what you need and what you don't want. It is becoming aware of the fact that everything is present that all you are allowed to do is create and develop it.

Another explanation is losing control. Another explanation is that you have the feeling that you are being suppressed, but the question is whether you are unconsciously shorting yourself. Having no control over the situation or what is going on in your life at the moment means that you can experience the feeling of paralysis.

Yet another explanation is letting go of unhealthy inhibitions, control and shorting, you have to let go before you can continue. An alternative explanation for dreams and visions in which mud, mud occurs is to take good care of yourself, take time for yourself and give yourself a mud bath at a spa or sauna. A spiritual explanation is that mud, clay, mud refers to mother earth, Gaia and the origin of life and / or man.  

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