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Mushroom dream picture

Published on 18 October 2019 at 11:55

Dreams or visions about a mushroom or fungus that you see in the forest tell you about the natural healing of the unknown, the transition you experience between a positive period to a more difficult life with obstacles, but also about the inner child that leads to is expressed.


Another important explanation is that the mushroom represents cleansing, clearing, cleaning and preservation of the past. An alternative explanation is that seeing a mushroom heralds a change that will manifest around autumn; around the fall, new opportunities will come your way.


Dreams or visions about picking a mushroom or fungus tell you about the awareness of the natural power you have to heal, restore and solve a difficult situation. Another explanation is that you are aware of a transitional period that you are currently in. Yet another explanation is that the mushroom stimulates your inner child, fantasy, dreams and wishes, giving you, as it were, new ideas that are fertile.


Eating or using a mushroom or fungus tells you about the inner healing, belief in the power of nature and magic that you can experience, if you have made the right choice. This can be seen both positively and negatively.

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