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Tree dream picture

Published on 17 October 2019 at 11:35

A dream or a vision about lush green trees, tells you about new hope, growth, desires, dreams and wishes, but also the possibilities in your life. It also tells you about strength and stability that you have longed for. Another explanation is that you are currently working on your personal development and inner wisdom.


Dreams or visions about the roots of a tree are about the basis of your life, your character traits and your personality that is deeply rooted; this includes your past, a past life, family ties, history, life lessons, overcome obstacles, feelings, emotions and your deepest true self.


A decayed, broken or old tree tells you about a change in your thoughts and interests that are necessary for growth in your life. First you have to clean up by ending something, after which you can start again, also called death and rebirth.

A tree with broken branches tells you that you are out of balance in your life. You have to let this part of your life die before something new can come your way. It can also mean the end of a friendship that you still value very much. However, this person no longer wants your friendship.


If you dream or have a vision about a tree stump, this tells something about the image of your inner well-being, your mental condition, your personality, but also about your character traits. If the stump is large and thick, it tells you that you have a strong, perhaps a bit coarse or rough personality.


When the stump is thin it tells you that you are a very sensitive person.

Dreams or a vision of a tree house tell you that you are trying to escape from problems, feelings, emotions, obstacles and especially your true self. You try to exclude the harsh reality of everyday life. A tree house also stands for a sense of security close to your roots and a longing for the past. The mother, earth, constancy and firmness.

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