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Pumpkin dream picture

Published on 10 October 2019 at 07:00

Dreams and visions about a pumpkin reflect retreat, turn inward and quiet period of taking care of yourself and paying attention to yourself. Shutting off the outside world, hypersensitivity, hsp, New Age Child and protective layers, walls and hard on the outside soft on the inside.


The seeds have been planted, safe, protected and now you take the time to take a step. Another explanation is the need for affection, warmth and new energy or a new situation.

As an alternative explanation is that the pumpkin represents a new situation, around autumn a different energy comes to you. Yet another explanation is that the pumpkin represents a basic need, success and inner nutrition that you need in the situation and / or life you are in.

A spiritual explanation is that the seeds of the pumpkin reflect the family bonds, energetic connections, bonds and karma. The seeds, threads of life need attention and / or that you can work with them. Past life and old wounds are exposed, now is the right time to withdraw to process everything.

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