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Moon dream picture

Published on 26 September 2019 at 07:00

When you see the moon in your dream or vision it tells you about hidden or mysterious sides of life or even the other side of your character. The moon represents the feminine aspects of yourself, of your character and of your personality.


Another explanation is that the moon represents the cycle of life, your body, but also the cycle of your dreams, wishes and possibilities, end and rebirth.

Dreams and visions of a full moon tell you about transformation and changes in life that have matured. The cycle of life and of your body is round and gives you new ideas, but also tensions and expectations for the future.

Another explanation is that the full moon represents strength, being its strongest in life. Magic and darkness will become part of your life. An alternative explanation is that the full moon represents the birth of a child who is sensitive to the cycles of life on Earth.

The new moon in a dream or vision tells you about a new start in life and new projects that have a chance. The new moon also represents the key to success, strength and victory. Another explanation is that the new moon also stands for awakening, but also spiritual awakening.


The blue moon is a full moon that occurs twice in the same month and is therefore rare. When you see this in your dream or vision it tells you about the power, magic, the unexpected, but also losing your powers and losing a loved one is also part of an explanation, the cycle of the human body, and also extra happiness in money or love, insights and possibilities.


Dreams or visions about a lunar eclipse tell you that there is an imbalance between your masculine and feminine energy and that your feminine energy is being overshadowed. An alternative explanation is that you are currently not in good health or that someone in your immediate environment is experiencing problems.

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