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Aphrodite dream picture

Published on 23 September 2019 at 07:00

Dreams or visions about Aphrodite The goddess of love, affection, attracting twin souls and boundless love for both yourself and a partner.


It tells you about listening to your heart and your inner feminine side, or your feminine energy that is always present. Another explanation is that you can enjoy life, use loving creativity, ideas and listen to your inner wisdom. Another explanation is that you can find a lot of inner balance if you enjoy music and dancing, singing and expression from your heart, steps and source.


Feel free to express, relax and have confidence that everything flows from your deepest and purest core. Yet another explanation is, support in finding self-confidence, your own personality and your self-esteem.

Aphrodite is the reflection of both inner love and attracting and maintaining relationships. Let the inner flame burn and ignite. Trust that there is someone for everyone who suits the situation you are currently in; twin souls, soul mates love and so on.

Aphrodite also tells you something about condemning, judging the external appearance; the soul speaks to you, regardless of the outer appearance, things may seem different than they are. See it through the eyes of love before you judge it, see it from a different point of view, you are loving, beautiful and unique.


Aphrodite appears to you if you want to experience the connection in the field of love from the purest form, you may want to attract a new love, then she gives you the confidence that there is someone, she opens your heart to receive and to give.


She helps you in your current relationships both in terms of love and work, friendships. No matter what you want Aphrodite helps you receive and give affectionately affection, love and warmth. No one is alone, left alone and need to be lonely, loveless, open your heart and let Aphrodite help and support you.

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