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Farm dream picture

Published on 12 September 2019 at 07:00

If you dream that you are a farmer, it means that you have to work hard for the fruits you have planted, after much care you can start harvesting them immediately. Another explanation is that you have to put love and care in nature that you can enjoy.


Living on a farm in your dream or vision means that you try to develop certain qualities of yourself, but also actively apply your talents and inner knowledge. A farm reflects your heart, your intuition, your base, your source, your soul.

Each room represents yourself, how you are in life and / or what you want. It also reflects your past and how it has been handled. Another explanation is that the farm tells you that you are engaged in personal and inner growth, which gives you more recognition for your true feelings and emotions.

An alternative explanation is that you need the homely feeling and warmth in your life, but also animal love. Dreams or visions about the Small Farmhouse tell you about the nurturing qualities of a project, the reflection of your true self, the heart, your own self, your mind and soul and your characteristics, the different rooms are therefore the aspects of your spiritual state , your soul and your personality.


Another explanation is that a farmhouse reflects the nurturing side of your past, your present and your future; it represents your heart and how you are in the situation you are in - how you feel, what you experience and how you profile yourself.

You are, as it were, your farmhouse, you mirror everything on your farmhouse, so if this is negative on an (unconscious) level, you will experience this negatively, if it is positive then the dream or vision will also feel differently.


Another important explanation is that the farm also represents the need for heat, animals, nature, fresh air, nature and family. The farm really stands for love, affection, warmth and sometimes even a signal to your life goal that has to do with nature, animals, environment and herbalism, natural life etc.

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