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Crystal dream picture

Published on 5 September 2019 at 07:00

Dreams or visions about a rock crystal tell you that your intentions are pure, that you approach the situation honestly and openly. It may also be that the future looks very bright for you, new and good opportunities present themselves.


Another explanation is that you are allowed to stand with both feet on earth more and connect more with the universe, the afterlife or with which you are connected. It is also possible that the floating things have disappeared from your life and that you have regained balance and that you are actually very strong and present on earth.


The rock crystal also stands for the infinite and pure connection with the hereafter, guides, helpers, the universe and / or that with which you are connected but also with your beloved and soul connection. Another explanation is protection and healing, experiencing healing from the core of your soul, your source and your base.

A rock crystal ring in your dream or vision tells you about the infinite cycle of life, which you approach openly and purely, thereby creating a good and bright future for yourself. The infinite and pure connection with the universe, hereafter and with which you are connected, but also with your beloved and soul connection.


Dreams about crystal tell you about self-reflection, the mirror of life, you hold the mirror for a situation or the mirror for yourself. Another explanation is that a crystal represents the spiritual connection with the hereafter and the angels, a situation has to be purified and the clearing of negative emotions and energy. Yet another explanation is that it stands for wholeness and cleanliness in a situation. 

Dreaming about a cave with crystals tells you to search deep into your true self to hold up a mirror of life to yourself. Another explanation is that you are confronted with another dark side of your personality or a situation in your life that you cannot see. It also represents the way of earth and connecting with the hereafter. You have chosen a pure form of communication and spirituality to develop and grow in life.

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