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Arcade arch dream picture

Published on 30 August 2019 at 07:00

Dreams and visions about an arcade arch tell you about the symbolic gate between the transition from the present to the still unknown future. Another explanation is experiencing an inner marriage between your male and female energy. 


The arcade arch reflected what was and what was not yet visible. Another explanation is the transition to something new, finding a home; something new, something different, making your dreams come true.

Yet another explanation is that you experience an inner marriage or similarity between your male and female energy that brings you new insights. An alternative explanation is regained love, cooperation, victory over insurmountability and inner life lessons.

A spiritual alternative explanation is that the arcade arch also represents the gateway to the past and you continue to yearn for what used to be. In addition, an arcade arc can reflect the connection with other dimensions, other vibrations and new energy. The gate between heaven and earth, the universe and the higher spiritual. The energetic gateway between worlds and the unknown.


It tells you about closing the past, gaining insight, rethinking your childhood, revising lost romances, deceased relatives, lost friendships, work, desires and wishes that have never come true, or want to experience or revise the past again. Yet another explanation is connecting with your soul, your karma and your past life and / or life lessons. 

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